Minimatt Busking Stage

Festival 8 is successful because lots of people come together to make it happen.  This year we have a new partnership with a local Production Studio that is going to run a busking stage.  They will pepper the stage with a couple of their house acts, that use their recording facilities in Grimsby and then the stage is open to all comers, simply book in and join in the fun! The Minimatt Busking Stage brings not only acoustic talents of Ramble Gamble, Rainmaker, Sunny & Boo Boo, but comedians & poetry from Dannielle Matthews and Ros Ballinger. We will also

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Cyril the Squirrel

Festival 8 is delighted to announce as part of our family entertainment a wonderful piece of theatre and interactive drama; Cyril the Squirrel.  There will be 2 shows on the Saturday, if you have children then make sure you see this show. Cyril the Squirrel loves magic! He can make acorns disappear but can’t remember where he buried the nuts for winter. Has Rosie Red got a plan? Is she even allowed to play with a Cyril? A magical journey through storytelling, puppetry and clown for children aged 3+ and families.   Look around you… Does anyone have the same nose, eyes or

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The Cat’s Pyjamas!

Late on the first night of our festival, for one night only, we will be hosting an extra-special burlesque cabaret sideshow by Lincolnshire’s premier burlesque show The Cat’s Pyjamas!  This will be an over 18's only event and there will be plenty of other entertainment, if this isn't for you.  We have kept to our aim of providing lots of different entertainment and providing quality that you would expect from a far larger festival. The Cat’s Pyjamas have been running left-field cabaret shows in the heart of Lincolnshire for nearly nine years now and have an excellent reputation for high-quality acts, eye-popping

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Pirate Sunday

Ahoy me harties get yasens prepared for a great good Sunday event at the Festival 8.  We ask you to join with us in Pirate Sunday.   After the paint fight at noon when the sun is mid way between the yard arm and the sea, then come with costumes, parrots, doubloons and pirate talk.   The Earthbound Misfits will be around with their pirate boat, and be sure to hang on to anything valuable, their pirates have been known to borrow all manner of things; your children, your partner, your food...... only other pirates stand a chance of bein'

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Bodily Writing

As part of Festival 8's offerings of alternative activities we present an interesting mix of movement and poetry.  This is a participatory workshop. Come along and try out something totally new. A taster workshop looking at the physicality and musicality of words, phrases, sounds and feelings.Explore how we can write with our bodies Poet and choreographer Helen Calcutt and writer, facilitator and spoken word artist Hayley Frances introduce new ways of thinking about poetry and dance, bringing the ideas, patterns and shapes of language to life.Participants will use professional dance techniques, and are inspired by the natural rhythms and sounds of words.

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The Earthbound Misfits

While planning Festival 8 we decided an essential element, that we have seen work so well at other festivals, was to ensure we had both things for children and big kids to do, plus we wanted to have some interactive walkabout characters.  Luckily for us, we have a very successful local company that offers all those services.   The Earthbound misfits were written into our festival plan and we know that you will love interacting with them and joining in with their fun and games. The Earthbound Misfits are based in Lincolnshire and are a bespoke entertainments company.  The Misfits were established

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Improvised Character Exploration

As part of Festival 8's ethos of joining in with the fun of the festival, we gleefully present an entire traveling theatre of one, plus a cast of several hundred other potential characters. Somethings Productions presents Improvised Character Exploration. Gary Jones has a big red box full of hats, wigs and props and a book of stories.  This pop up event will happen at various times during the festival.  Come and help and join in the story. Perhaps you will be deciding the fate of the heroine or hero, or maybe you are you lost on a desert island beach,

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The Dead Moon – Troupe Theatre Company

Festival 8 presents a variety of entertainment to engage all your senses.  Troupe offer some particularly Lincolnshire tales as part of their theatre presentation. Troupe Presents: The Dead Moon Hello! We are the theatre company Troupe and we would like to present: The Dead Moon, a set of three unperformed, and unapologetically strange, Lincolnshire folk stories in an hour long show. From a time when sheep could be seen swimming between islands to graze, children drank opium tea and the giddy, tearing scream of the wizened boggles could be heard in the night, we want to breathe new life into these

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