Lorenz Jai Inder – Holistic Guide from Germany joins the Wellbeing team

SONY DSC Lorenz Jai Inder Gramann, born in '69 in Germany, is an experienced holistic guide, currently resident in Findhorn, Scotland. He has been on the path of holistic healing since age 19. On his journey to an inclusive, wholesome approach he was trained in several healing modalities (Harmonyum®, Reiki, Bio-metaphysical Medicine, Biorelease® Massage, Chakra Healing and more). He is fully certified in Biodynamic Psychology and is trained in Kundalini Yoga as well as Naam Yoga. He also offers Sound Healing groups. With over 25 years of ongoing training and experience in his private practice and groups, he is

Introducing a series of yummy workshops with Antony Dennis

New for Festival 8 - an exciting range of Tantric and free dance workshops to bring aliveness and awakening.... Tantra and Intimacy Workshop - Maintaining a Sense of Yourself In intimacy, we all too often lose a sense of ourselves and our needs as we focus too much on the needs and desires of the other person. In this workshop you can learn and practice how to connect intimately in an open and honest way, while maintaining your boundaries and surrendering into the bliss that a true honest intimate connection can bring. You are welcome to attend the workshop as

Treehouse Outdoor Education

Festival 8 prides itself on offering plenty of things for children of all ages to join in with and have fun.  This year we are delighted to welcome Treehouse Outdoor Education who will be running a delightful space for children from toddlers to 12's. Treehouse’s mission is to reconnect children to nature, to play and create from natural resources and environmental education.   We run forest school sessions, nature clubs and teach food growing in schools.   The treehouse kids area at festival 8 will include a story telling tipi, a workshop shelter and a craft tent.  All set close by

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Empaths and energy healers – welcoming Cathy and Chrissie

We are delighted to confirm Cathy Leopard and Chrissy Singleton to our Wellbeing area this year... Two very experienced healers, they bring a wealth and warmth to their offerings.   About Empathic Cathy Cathy is a natural empath and psychic from childhood. A card reader and energy balancer. Working with Reiki healing energy to balance and restore energy within. She is a down to earth person and speak to people directly with information given to her that may help them. She works with differing energies and archetypes depending on the persons needs. She works with archangels in her healing practice

Learn to Play the Spoons!

If you want to learn the basics of playing an instrument EVERYONE can afford (and already own!) why not try spoons? John Roberts  is running a spoons workshop at the Festival.   John says all you need to bring with you is a pair of identical spoons, with a flared base (i.e. don't use spoons with handles that narrow toward the end). They should have a reasonably deep hollow  cup. Heavier spoons  will sit in your hand more comfortably, and thin spoons sound tinny.Dessert spoons and soup spoons  have a good tone. Don't use silver spoons - they "ring" too much, are generally too high pitched and dent easily.

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Gill Hobson

Gill Hobson is an internationally renowned artist who works in glass and light. We are delighted that she has lent us a couple of her delightful sculptures for you to enjoy. Artist Gillian Hobson creates artworks to lose and find yourself in - light and space, time and duration, colour, surface and texture are key aspects of her work. From immersive light installations to one off sculptures, her works act as sites of pause, inviting viewers to engage with their physical and psychological experience of colour, light, pattern and form. Her company, Studio Six, specialises in bespoke pieces

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Jessica Sawyer

Jessica Sawyer delivers incredible work within her community creating the opportunity for people to experience joy, laughter, improved fitness and peace through Yoga and Reiki; Festival 8 have been following her work and are so looking forward to welcoming her to the Well Being Arena. Not only is Jessica providing yoga for the festival she is also a therapist in the healing garden offering massage, Reiki, sound and movement to help enhance your sense of well being stimulating your senses of touch, sound and sixth sense. I am a qualified Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master hoping to spread love and

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Jess Kennedy

Jess Kennedy has visited Cabourne Parva at numerous events and we have been consistently really happy with her work, we are over the moon Jess is coming to Festival 8- her massage will awaken your sense of touch and leave you feeling relaxed its the perfect treat for a lovely summers day in our healing garden - you will find Jess on the labyrinth garden and can find out more/ book appointments with her at the Information Point. I am a holistic massage therapist and love and light worker. My treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual whether

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