Richard Tucker – Yoga Practitioner

Festival 8 are thrilled to welcome Richard to the Wellbeing Area, Richard will be delivering two yoga workshops over the weekend including a Hatha Flow Yoga Class and Yoga Nidra guided relaxation. Pranayama is Yogic breathing techniques, the breath of air being life. Yoga is the union of movement with breath. We might survive a few weeks without food, days maybe without water, but just moments without air! Each breath is unique. Every out breath an opportunity to release that which no longer serves you. And every intake of air is a chance to breathe in opportunity and new

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Kerry and Louise’s Family Yoga

Kerry and Louise are back by popular demand! These wonderful kids yoga sessions are great for all the family, Kerry and Louise are running a 45 minute workshop each morning in the Earthbound Misfits Dome in the Main Arena before all the fun and frolics of the Festival kids area begins - it's a lovely, healthful and energising way to stretch into the day especially if your kids are early risers.

Acroyoga Workshop

Here at Base Acro we are passionate about helping to get people moving in unusual and interesting ways, particularly through the medium of acroyoga. Acroyoga combines physical and mental challenge, incorporating elements of acrobatics with yoga and is a sociable and fun way of getting fit and healthy, building strength, flexibility and confidence. We are extremely excited to be bringing our love of movement to Festival 8 this summer in the form of our 'Beginners Acroyoga Workshop'. This workshop will introduce you to the basics of acroyoga. You will learn the fundamentals of flying, basing and spotting - no

Lighten up with Laughter Yoga – Wes Floyd leads the way

“Laughter is the highest form of enlightenment.” Start your day with laughter and experience transformational healing of mind, body and spirit as we learn to consciously create our own reality.   Sessions at Festival 8 Wes Floyd is offering his enchanting sessions early on Saturday and Sunday - so come round to the Wellbeing Arena and experience deep belly laughs and much joy!   Check out Wes on ITV:

Jess Kennedy – hatha yoga & uplifting holistic treatments

Jess Kennedy is a love and light worker offering a hatha yoga and a gorgeous selection of holistic treatments that will leave you feeling truly uplifted. Hatha yoga morning sessions Get your life force energy flowing with a Hatha yoga class, building strength and flexibility, reducing stress and bringing peace of mind Holistic massage Take some time out for a holistic massage, Indian head massage or reiki healing. Treatments to energise and revive, relieve tension in sore stiff muscles or relax and melt away to that quiet space within.  Visit her Facebook page: Jess Kennedy Holistic Massage

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