Tai Chi Circles with Robert Claxton

We are delighted to welcome back to Festival 8 Bob Claxton, he really is a fabulous teacher and workshop leader, his classes are always popular – this year you will find him in the Talks Tent or on the Pagoda in the Wellbeing Arena.

This year’s classes:

Saturday – Tai Chi-Dragon Daoyin.

Four Dragon Daoyin exercises for clearing the meridians and awaking the spine, dispersing negative and stagnant Qi [energy] from the body systems.

Sunday – Tai Chi-Ping Heng Gong.

Two exercises one standing and one walking exchanging Qi with trees to balance our body, mind and soul. Trees have roots spending their lives rooted to the earth, humans are always moving.  The tree is Yin and the human Yang. These practices are concerned with the tree Yin and human Yang, against and in combination with each other to increase our Qi for our body mind and soul.


Bob will be offering wandering and impromptu Tai Chi / Bagua sessions through out the weekend, he says “just grab me and ask”.

Note: due to the powerful energy nature of these exercises they are not appropriate for anyone who is pregnant.

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