Taste Sensation Workshop

Emma from Herbs 4 Health and Wellbeing will be giving us yet another wonderful workshop – you lucky, lucky, lucky people !

Taste sensation: The sense of taste is used by herbalists to determine the strength of a herb and what effect it will have on the body.  In a society where our food is adulterated by excessive amounts of sugar and salt it can be difficult to distinguish the effects some foods can have on us.  Also due to our culture we may not take the time to sit and enjoy our food – instead we grab lunch whilst eating, or even eat whilst travelling from one place to another.  Rushing our food because we need to do something or eating in front of a screen becoming distracted from what we are eating.  Here you will discover the five tastes and the effects that they have on the body, you will get to sample herbs which are in one or more of these categories and learn how to distinguish them and how they affect your body. This is an intriguing workshop which will benefit you with your health and wellbeing and enjoyment of food too.  Duration approx 1 hour

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