10622739_1543382602550193_8216027502803922548_n One of the delights of festivals is the food.  Delicious flavours and no need to wash up!  Taste is such an emotive sense; it shapes cultures and daily routines.  Taste is deeply rooted in our psyche and survival instinct, it is an inspiration for passion and something that should be celebrated consciously.  How many of us are driven and controlled by our need for certain tastes?  We encourage you to explore the flavours of the festival

Be sure to check out The Bistro Gardens, it is a space within the festival that is a chill out zone, it has its own burger bar and its own unique eatery; The 40 Winks cafe, its the place to be undercover if it gets drizzly or to tune into your taste buds while sheltering under a canopy from the hot sun!
The Burger Van is open from mid morning serving the standard fry up in a good bread bun; eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, onions in various combinations. How do you like yours?

Forty Winks Cafe will be serving ‘to-go’ meals wraps and salads in eco boxes a delightful home made soup and have a couple of main dishes with a veggie options. In the evenings the menu expands to include sizzling steaks, a delicious hallumi salad and a veggie pasta.

The Forty Winks also serves freshly ground coffee at lunch and a range of totally tasty deserts including an almost legendary vegetarian chocolate fruitcake made without any refined sugar, it does have a reputation for serving delicious hot chocolate so be mindful to look for it, its worth taking time out to relax and find a seat to savour the moment.  
This year it has a soap box added so you may be treated to a spoken word, someone’s opinion or a delightful piece of song .. who knows but that’s the exciting part ! and if you are interested, it may be you who feels the urge to entertain.. so get writing, planning and lets do it!


As well as the onsite food facilities we have a number of outside catering outlets this year.

Smoking Bell Pizza; delicious stone baked pizzas freshly cooked while you wait.  See more info here https://www.facebook.com/Thesmokingbell/

The Magical Tea Chest; an installation and a cafe serving some fantastic cakes and goodies, worth a visit to see the stall and enjoy the tastes, last year they sold out!  See more info here https://www.facebook.com/magicalteamachine/

Handheld Food Co. Serving delicious food, steaks and burgers, a foodie delight. More info here https://www.facebook.com/handheldfoodco/

Reuben’s Coffee It’s all about the coffee. A trained barista that loves coffee and brings his expressos machine to provide perfect cappuccinos, mochas and the usual coffee fan selections. More info here https://www.facebook.com/Reubens-235036583198331/?fref=ts

Poffertjes Little Dutch Pancakes Traditional Dutch street food with a twist – freshly cooked poffertjes (little pancakes) served with savoury or sweet toppings, complemented by organic hot and cold drinks and served from a retro-inspired trailer.

Joining us this year are 3 new food outlets.

Wok and Roll If noodles are your thing then head straight here for the authentic Hong Kong Street food flavours, made with a conscience and care. www.woknroll.co.uk

Veggies are our specialist Vegan Caterers this year. Active for 30 years they definitely have the experience to provide, ethical, environmentally minded tasty food. You can find out more about them here http://www.veggies.org.uk/catering/

Mad4Smoothies are a new family run and ethical business,  Their name gives away what you can find by visiting the stall on the main field.

Taste Sunday

With a bit of luck (still being organised) there will be a number of Lincolnshire food producers on site giving you chance to taste their wares…. and if you like them buy some to take home.

Here is an interesting ted talk on Taste.


or here are  12 Facts about Taste

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