The Lamberts

Opening the Party barn on Friday we have a local band showing some promise and their new energy seemed an appropriate way to kick off the live music.

The Lamberts are a 5 piece alternative rock band that hail from the foreshore of Cleethorpes. They are a fresh alternative to anything that is on the scene right now, with their heavy back line, beautiful guitar riffs and a crisp sounding front man that has the best stage presence in the area by far. They really are a nice break from the norm. Their first single ‘Tension’ is a great taster of what is to come. They have just released two singles since their first and are destined for big things, their latest, Nightmare, is a slightly haunting and thought provoking excellence piece of work.

“The Lamberts first single, TENSION, is a seed track. It’s planted to grow in the minds of their fans and exhibit the groups desire to blossom. Although it doesn’t smother you in rose petals, it does have a prickly edge that will cut into you if you allow it.” Ashley Spink – EX Bauer Media “The Lamberts are one of the most exciting new bands in the Humber region. This first single captures that raw, garage-band energy while showing their potential to grow into something special in the years to come.” Rob Cross – Orphan Boy
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