The Senses?2017-02-04T02:28:29+00:00

Most people know of the 5 senses; Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing.  We aim to celebrate these with entertainments, stimulants and activities to engage and delight.  There are of course other lesser known senses that we hope you can bring to the party;

A sense of fun; any party recipe needs this in generous proportions.  We encourage you to join in to take part and do things you may have left in your childhood…. why should the children have all the fun?  Bring dressing up clothes and be ready to join in the parade.

A sense of adventure; for this we hope you will do things you have never done before or think that you maybe can’t do….. sing and dance like no body is looking or listening and find in your self strengths and skills you maybe didn’t know you had. Have a go on the water slide and go and get lost in the maze.

Common sense; perhaps sometimes it should be called uncommon sense, but by this we hope you will engage your mind and take those steps that recognise you have other humans and animals around you; so clean up you litter, read the notes and guidances like don’t bring glass into the main area, make sure your dogs are well behaved and don’t leave young children to run wild, some of the site is still a working farm.  If you take the steps to use a bit of common sense everyone will have a better time and mean we can spend more of our resource ensuring we have a wonderful party.

6th sense; some of you may have a sense for the magical, the intangible and the mysterious.  Though some of the talks and the workshops we will give you things to ponder and marvel at.  Come with an open mind and an open heart and your world stands a chance of being transformed.

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