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Every year we have had more and more requests for people to come on the Thursday to either set up their tents or just have a bit of extra time to land and get in to the festival vibe.  Last year we had so many people that it caused us a few extra logistical problems so we had to take one of 2 options; either not allow anyone or set up a Thursday ticket to allow for the additional planning and costs.

We have decided on the latter.

You can buy an advanced ticket from Brown paper tickets for £10 or £15 on the gate.  This is a fixed fee, there are no separate prices for children, sorry but we have to make things simple as we are all volunteers and it gets complicated and adds more cost/wristbands etc.

You will have to buy this ticket if you want to set up early, even if you are leaving afterwards.  The money is being used to fund the extra costs of providing this facility.

You will not have access to the main festival site and we actually request that you dont even try to go on to the main site as it is still designated and in set up mode with vehicles moving and structures being built.  You will be able to use the toilets on the camping field and stay over night….. view the fee as a camping fee if you like.

The site will be open to arrivals from 2pm.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTION GIVEN BY STEWARDS AS TO WHERE YOU CAN CAMP PARK ETC.   Failure to do so may mean we have to get you to move!

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