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Please note there are 2 types of LIVE IN VEHICLE ticket.  If you want a tent or awning with your LIV you will have to buy the more expensive ticket.  This is due to the space restrictions on the site.  We only have room for a certain number of LIV.

Also note that we are closely monitoring the situation with Dogs.  We had several dog owners in 2016 not keep to the rules and allowed their dog to roam free and foul areas as well as leaving dogs in hot LIV’s.  If dog owners continue to act irresponsibly we will have to take steps to remove this allowance and make it a no dogs festival.

The electronic system we use for tickets reads the barcode issued by the ticketing company.  For speedy access to the festival please bring a good printed copy of the ticket barcode or an electronic version viewable on your smartphone.

Day Ticket Prices will be added nearer to the Festival if we still have room on the festival site.

Availability access with secret code only available until 01/01/18 only avaialble until 01/03/18 01/03/18 to 14/07/18 20/07/18 to 22/07/18
Super Early Bird Early Bird Advanced Gate
Adult 65 70 75 95
Under 18’s 35 40 45 50
Infant (6 and under) 0 0 0 0
Family (2 Adult + 2 U18’s) 190 195 220 250
Dog 5 5 10 15
Thursday Ticket (per person) na na 20 25
Short LIV (under 5m) (no awning or tent) 15 15 20 30
Long LIV or short LIV with awning or tent. Any caravan 20 20 25 35