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Vicky Heskin will be leading a Shamanic Trance Dance workshop as well as an opening and closing ceremony for the festival. She has been to Cabourne Parva and festival 8 before and her Trance Dance workshops have had a profound effect on the people and the energy of the site. This workshop is unlike any other offered over the weekend and has to be experienced to be understood. The workshop will be on Saturday morning and once it starts the space is sealed, so there can be no late entries.


Trance Dance is a dynamic dance and ritual journey, containing music, rhythm, transformational breathing and a clear intention to help guide your journey. During the Trance Dance you will embrace the elements of the ritual structure to enable you to withdraw from your external environment and dance with the deeper aspects of your being for strength, wisdom, energy, healing and reclamation of personal power.


I create a safe, sacred space providing you with the opportunity to really let go, surrender and enjoy, dancing your love, energy, power and dreams into being. Music will fill the space creating a conducive environment for your own vital journey of movement and dance. To assist you in letting go and fully participating on your own individual journey, without distractions, you will be blindfolded and your environment and safety taken care of. Because of this there will be no more participants allowed to join the Trance Dance once the session has started.

About Vicky

I’ve been exploring my own healing journey, spirituality and the nature of energy for over 20 years. And for the last decade have been actively working with people from all walks of life to support their own healing process, creativity, self- empowerment and spiritual journeys.

I’ve immersed myself in several personal South American shamanic journeys over the years, working with various medicine women and men, as well as co-creating retreats in Ecuador. During this time I’ve had a close relationship with an Ecuadorian Curandera (Indigenous Quechua female Shaman and Healer), who through initiation and transference of power ceremonially married me to Spirit.

I’ve also undertook various trainings including Trance Dance Ritual facilitator (Hawaii), Shamanic Practitioner and Healer (Spain), Yoga Teacher (Bolivia / Peru), 3 Years Shiatsu Diploma (Devon, Uk).

Through my experiences I’ve developed my own life’s path and service in working with people individually and through ceremony, workshops and retreats fundamentally creating safe, sacred spaces where people have the opportunity let go of external distractions and dive deeply within, connecting with themselves and the bigger experience of their being. Finding easy ways to access ancient rituals and tapping into inner wisdom beyond the mind are an important part of my work and I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


“I felt totally at ease during both the Shamanic energy work and the Trance Dance. Vicky’s warmth and authenticity naturally inspires trust. It’s always a little miracle when somebody used their gift, no matter how unorthodox it may seem at first, to help others.

Vicky is really good at turning ancestral rituals and teachings into stories and examples so that they can be understood by the non-initiated.

The Trance Dance made me feel as if I had gone through a deep cleansing process. All emotional stress has dissipated. What used to get on my nerves wasn’t bothering me as much. I felt like a blank canvas”.

Nathalie Michel – New York

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