Vinyl Saturday… on a Sunday!

Have you ever wanted to be a Dj at a festival? Now’s your chance. Vinyl Saturday will be hosting the barn on Sunday afternoon.

So we introduce to you Festival 8’s very own Vinyl Sunday.

All you need are some records that will fill 25 mins. 25 mins isn’t a long time so pick wisely. It doesn’t have to be the latest tracks by any means, this is not genre specific it’s up to you what you choose to play. You will need to write down your records in the order you intend to play them so there’s no changing your mind once you’re on. This will be pinned up so all the crate diggers can find out what that amazing track was you played. After everyone has played their records we start again with a secret 7″ this is your killer track so now is the time to make that lasting impression.

We have very limited spaces for this so be quick.

So be quick, see you in the barn.

Keep it strictly vinyl, keep it VS x

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